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Contextually Relevant
Sponsorship Program

The process of linking brands with
editorial content across various media
outlets. This allows a brand to insulate itself
into the content of newspaper & magazine websites. CRSP also gives advertisers the option of incorporating their own content into the ad. CRSP is operated by Mochila, a marketing & technology firm that VerticalReach now represents.




Reasons Why CRSP Should Be In Your Media Mix

1. CRSP allows advertisers to break through the ad clutter and strengthens the

    consumer's connection with the brand.


2. Readership of newspaper and magazine websites are on the rise.(1) SEE CHART


3. Ideal Demographics and Target Markets.(2) SEE CHART


4. These internet users are avid online shoppers with over 90% researching and/or

    purchasing items online in the past 6 months.(3) SEE CHART


5. According to the Online Publishers Association (OPA): (4)

   • Sponsorships on branded content sites are 42% more effective than the

      overall MarketNorms average, and 36% more effective than portals.


   • 18 - 34 year olds are more responsive to ads on branded content sites: they

      are 33% more likely to form favorable opinions about advertised brands than

      when viewing ads on portals.


   • The overall findings are consistent across advertising categories. For example,

      consumer packaged goods advertising on branded content sites get a

      26% lift in purchase intent over MarketNorms.






Step 1

VerticalReach will create a widget or series of widgets coded to receive RSS feeds from the most respected news sources in the world including the AP, Reuters, AFP and the Tribune Company...


Step 2

The aesthetics of the widget will be designed to match your brand. The content fed into the widgets will be determined by the keywords & phrases that best match the brand, product & campaign. The process is 100% collaborative & transparent...the advertiser has TOTAL CONTROL.



Step 3

Based on budgets & campaign objectives, VerticalReach will create a list of ideal websites for distribution that the advertiser will approve. Once the campaign is launched, the advertiser will have access to the 'dashboard' to track its progress.


With CRSP, advertisers can:

• Create a deeper audience engagement with their brand, and with their brand's

   specific message.


• Own the editorial 'surround' - i.e., on-topic content that is 100% relevant to their



• Reach target markets close to home - where they live, work and play. As

   audiences continue to fragment, new customers ar ehard to find and even

   harder to keep. CRSP delivers targeted, premium content - with a branded

   message, to the idel audience - that NO ONE ELSE can provide.


• Have TOTAL control of the experience: editorial, look & feel and overall



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