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Lead Generation

Connect with prospects who specifically
request more information on your brand,
product or service through lead generation.






Why Should I Use Explicit Opt-Ins?

What is an explicit opt-in? It's more than just "permission"...consumers explicitly request YOUR marketing message (NO ONE ELSE’S) and gives you their personal information in order to receive it.

VerticalReach opt-in lead generation program will enable you to build a targeted database of interested consumers. Since they have requested more information on your offering they will have a much higher conversion rate than virtually any other form of internet advertising.


With VerticalReach, your brand’s reputation stays intact. This is achieved by interacting solely with consumers who are interested in your brand.

Benefits of a Hosted Network

Through our exclusive partnership with Opt-Intelligence, VerticalReach maintains a fully-integrated, 100% hosted network. This means that every single offer is served by VerticalReach directly through our publisher partner’s site. This benefits you in several ways:

    Your offer can be LIVE in less than 24 hours from delivery of your creative

    We guarantee against “over delivery”

    We guarantee publisher-specific placement

    Amendments to your offer can be made instantaneously

    You can set start and stop dates/time in advance

    Offers can be “pulled” for any reason in 24 hours or less

How VerticalReach Works For You

You choose the data points you require: first and last name, email,
   address, city, state, zip, phone, date/time and IP address - custom
   criteria is also possible

You select your target audience (gender, age, geographic location)

You supply all of the creatives for the offer (images, video, text, flash, etc.)

You have the option of sending an “auto-responder” email to the opt-in
   consumer once they opt-in for your offer. This email explains to the consumer
   where and when they opted-in to your offer and contains any marketing
   material you choose

You select how many opt-ins you require and your budget for each valid opt-in

You determine the delivery format and frequency of your valid opt-in data.
   We can send you data any way you want it, guaranteed

You have the ability to choose which publishers in the
VerticalReach network

   display your offer. In order to join the VerticalReach network, each of our

   publisher partners must pass a stringent pre-screening process. Only

   publishers who adhere to our data capture practices, privacy practices and

   user experience quality requirements are invited to join the VerticalReach


Data Validation

Once your opt-in data has been collected from the publisher, we put it through a battery of validation processes:

    Email address is checked for proper formatting, and the domain in validated

    Auto-responder emails are checked for bounces

    Physical addresses are validated

    Phone number is checked against a database of area code and prefix

    Additional validation screening available upon request

What We Don't Do

To Protect Your Brand:

We don’t serve offers with pre-checked boxes (opt-outs).

We don’t broker offers outside of the hosted Opt-Intelligence network.

We don’t force or trick consumers to opt-in to an offer.

We don’t serve offers that disrupt user experience. We never redirect users to
   another site to opt-in. Our process is seamless within the sites we partner with.

We don’t work with Incentivized Sites, which result in poor leads. We don’t show
   a set of offers that are not pre-targeted by, at minimum, zip code, age and gender.










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