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List Management

By partnering with VerticalReach you have
the advantage of employing an entire sales
department, a dedicated marketing team and
a contracted ESP to handle all of your email
list management needs.





What Is List Management?

VerticalReach offers a full service solution for email list management and sales.  If you’ve built a database of qualified users, VerticalReach has the know-how to maximize the revenue of this asset.  VerticalReach simplifies list management and the list rental process.  Through technology, our established relationships, monitoring and optimization, VerticalReach provides everything needed to excel in the email marketing industry.  Better still, the VerticalReach sales team will manage the sales of your list, schedule the mailing dates, gather the creative, report the results to clients and collect your revenue.


By partnering with VerticalReach you are employing an entire sales department, marketing team and contracted an ESP to handle all of your list management.  We will rent your email lists to our clients while still including you in all proposals moving forward.


VerticalReach will also handle all aspects of your list management including but not limited too:

General cleaning up (opt-outs and opt-ins)

Suppression lists

List delivery

The number of turns on the list

The cleanliness of the IP address

Reviewing bounces for any problems or blocks

Cleaning and removing bounced addresses as needed

ASP relations - we handle all necessary issues with the largest

  ISP’s/ASP’s, from excessive bounce rates to IP address burnout.

Screening content for potential filtering issues

We’ll work with you to make sure that your list is compliant with all of the major internet service providers (ISPs), to ensure optimal delivery of campaigns.  In addition, we will test your list so we can attest to the quality of it and help you with any trouble areas to make sure it becomes and remains a valuable media choice for our advertisers.










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List Management


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