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Connect with prospects in your product
category through newsletter sponsorships.






What Are Newsletters?

A newsletter (also called e-zine) is a periodical publication sent via email to subscribers. They contain articles about one main subject, written for a specific group of people with a common interest, who have requested to receive the information. Newsletters are frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. Although not strictly a sales pitch, Newsletters do strive to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

What Are Newsletter Sponsorships?

Newsletter sponsorship opportunities usually involve being the sole advertiser in a given issue. With a newsletter sponsorship, it's a requirement that the newsletter be focused tightly on your target market. For example, if your product is an HDTV, you'd want to sponsor a newsletter that's exclusively about HDTVs. But if your product is so specialized that there are no newsletters available, ads can be placed in parallel newsletters. For example, an HDTV sponsorship would work in a home theatre, or home electronics newsletters. Readers of these newsletters would be interested in the product.


The secret is targeting.

Why You Should Partner With VerticalReach

Maximizing returns from your newsletter sponsorship campaign requires not only access to the best quality newsletters, but also expertise, a solid strategy and knowledge of best practices. Every company has unique marketing objectives and challenges, and needs an industry leader with the expertise to provide personalized advice on getting the most out of their sponsorships.


VerticalReach is a leading provider of newsletter sponsorship solutions, strategy and services, managing the delivery of over 40 million marketing emails each month for clients in multiple verticals.


Backed by the strongest commitment to client success in the industry, access to the highest quality and tested newsletter lists, a dedicated client services team, unrivaled expertise in interactive marketing best practices, and the best people and technology, VerticalReach is your ideal partner for newsletter sponsorship success.


Step 1

Research your target audience before you write your ad. Know who you are talking to and what they want.


Step 2

Write a short descriptive advertisement that explains what your company is all about. Include important information like your company name, your logo and your company slogan. The ad is usually presented in banner form so make sure it is eye-catching so the reader notices your advertisement.


Step 3

Create a hyperlink to your website so that newsletter readers can find your products and services. Lead them from the newsletter to your business.


Step 4

Make sure your ad is informative. Describe your product or service and how your company can benefit the reader.


Step 5

Offer something free in the first sentence to catch the reader's attention. You can offer advice or information on how to do something. Then get to the point of your ad; tell the reader what your company stands for before you lose their interest. Provide a link or address to obtain the free item.


Step 6

Use clear language. Keep the advertisement short yet enticing. Try to be unique so you catch the reader's attention.










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