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Generate revenue by offering
sponsorships of your newsletter.








What Are Newsletter Sponsorships?

By offering newsletter sponsorships, you allow a sole advertiser the opportunity to sponsor any given issue of your newsletter.  To maintain positive communication, the sponsorship should be tightly focused around the target receiving the newsletter.  For example, if your newsletter focuses on HDTVs, then those sponsoring should be in the same arena.  This does not mean that you can’t go outside  of the HDTV world, but their should be a natural connection, between the ads and the content of your newsletter such as home theatres or entertainment rooms.


2 Reasons Why You Should Offer Newsletter Sponsorships

1. By offering a newsletter sponsorships you are bringing your
    subscribers a product or service that they could potentially use.  If the
    sponsorship is properly aligned with the newsletters, your reader will be
    grateful for the opportunity to learn about the offering.  This reinforces
    a positive connection between your newsletter and your readers. 


2. Newsletter sponsorships create a new line of revenue for your business.
    By offering newsletter sponsorship you will no longer after to rely primarily
    on the natural sales pitch within the newsletter to create revenue.


Why You Should Partner With VerticalReach

Maximizing profits from newsletter sponsorships requires not only access to the best quality advertisers, but also expertise, a multi-level website monetization strategy and knowledge of newsletter sponsorships' best practices.  Every company has unique marketing objectives and challenges, and needs an industry leader with the expertise to provide personalized advice on getting the most out of their sponsorships. VerticalReach is a leading provider of permission-based newsletter sponsorship solutions, strategy and services, connecting brand name advertisers with best quality sponsorship opportunities everyday. 


Our goal is to partner with website owners to develop newsletter building and maintenance strategies to help create and maintain a very valuable media that numerous high-end advertisers will want to integrate into their marketing plans.  Once it is determined that your newsletter sponsorship is ready to go to market, our sales team will promote it actively to both current and prospective advertisers.


VerticalReach is a leading provider of newsletter sponsorship solutions, strategy and services, managing the delivery of over 40 million marketing emails each month for clients in multiple verticals.


Backed by the strongest commitment to client success in the industry, access to the highest quality and tested newsletter lists, a dedicated client services team, unrivaled expertise in interactive marketing best practices, and the best people and technology, VerticalReach is your ideal partner for newsletter sponsorship success.

How to assure a sponsorship fits your newsletter...

Step 1

Research product offering to confirm that it matches the content of your newsletter.

Step 2

Review the provided advertisement to assure that it explains what the offer is all about and that it includes important information like the company name, logo and slogan. The ad is usually presented in banner form so make sure it is eye-catching so the reader notices it, but not intrusive on the newsletter. 


Step 3

Assure the quality of the site in which the advertisement will link too.  If the website or landing page is unprofessional, it could reflect poorly on your newsletter.


Step 4

Make sure the ad is informative and clearly describes the benefits of  product or service.


Step 5

Determine a profitable pricing model based on the size of your list, how frequently it is sent out, and the demand for sponsorship.










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