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Online advertising is one of the most
popular tactics to help with branding
across the web, and is flexible enough
to support direct response initiatives.



What Is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is the process of embedding banners, rich media and text advertisements into a specific website, or a series of selected websites with links back to your website or landing page.


Online Advertising:

    Can be demographically and geographically targeted

    Comes in static and animated forms in a variety of sizes

    May also include Flash and/or streaming audio/video

    Is used to generate targeted sales and leads and/or build brand awareness

When done correctly, online advertising campaigns can have extensive reach and powerful connections with target markets.

Three Reasons Why You Need Online Advertising

1. Online advertising is an effective way to connect with all types of
    potential customers
     Over 70% of the US population uses the internet.(1)

       92% of those users are utilizing it to shop and gain information on products
       and services, but studies suggest that only 5% of their time online is spent
       on search engines.
(2) This means that 95% of their time is spent on actual
       websites where advertisers like you can connect with them via online

    • In 2007, online advertising produced an 11% lift in dollars spent during in-store
      conversions and Increased page views on advertisers websites by 37%.


2. If your competition is not using online advertisement, they will be soon. 

     • As displayed in the chart to the right, the popularity of online advertising is
       increasing. It is expected to grow 14.4% across all industries in 2009.


3. Online advertising works as a great compliment to tactics you may

    already have in place.

     • In terms of direct response, one of the most popular tactics is search engine
       marketing. Studies suggest that in 2007 when online advertising was added
       to a search engine marketing program, the overall marketing plan:
     • Generated an 83% lift in dollars spent in later in-store conversions.

         • Increased incremental in-store revenue by 90% (as opposed to 43% with

           search-only campaigns)

         • Positively influenced converting 43% more online researchers to in-store


     • Online advertising can also help other brand building marketing tactics
       succeed. A 2007 study reports that when TV alone indexes at 100 for brand
       awareness, and is then supported by an online advertising program, brand
       awareness increases to 138


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Why You Should Partner With VerticalReach

To launch and maintain a successful online advertising campaign, you need a partner with extensive knowledge of online media buying and planning, ad placement, and ad distribution platforms. Your partner should have a quality-tested network with various targeting capabilities to assure your message is delivered to your ideal audiences. In addition, your partner should have constant awareness and intuitive understanding of the continual complexities and ever-changing fragmentation of online advertising.


With over 10 years of online advertising experience, VerticalReach is an expert in the field. Unlike most networks who blindly place their clients’ advertisements all across the internet, VerticalReach works as interactive agency, with the goal of building comprehensive and transparent interactive programs that connect your brand, product or service with your targets, no matter where they might be.


VerticalReach is not your typical ad network, and here are a few reasons why

Integrated Marketing Firm
- multiple channels to meet your needs:

    Online, Direct Mail, Email, Newsletters, Lead Generation

    Over 1 billion impressions available monthly

Customer Service
- Our dedicated account team manages all aspects of your program providing consultation, strategy development, and other services.


Organically Built Partners - Quality tested sites and media outlets with strict testing/on-boarding process.

Progressively Building Up Network -
Tell us what you need: our dedicated business development team is always seeking new partners and networks to  help deliver on your goals.


Fully Transparent - It's all about trust...we uphold full disclosure on all placements and performance.

Human Review and Optimization - Why? Hey...we don’t fully trust computers either!

Banners & Buttons

468 x 60 IMU - (Full Banner)

120 x 240 IMU - (Vertical Banner)

88 x 31 IMU - (Micro Bar)


336 x 280 IMU - (Large Rectangle)

Skyscrapers: 120 x 600 IMU - (Skyscraper)


292 x 18 IMU - (Textlink)

Sponsor Modules

180 x 20 IMU - (Textlink)

Sponsorship Packages

468 x 60, 180 x 20, 120 x 600 OR 120 x 240, and 336 x 280 (as size permits) linked ad unit that appear simultaneously giving complete sponsorship of a page.












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Lead Generation


Creative Services




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