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Monetize your website and generate revenue
through online advertising.






What Is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is the process of embedding banners, rich media and text advertisements into a specific website, or a series of selected websites with links back to your website or landing page.


Online Advertising:

    Can be demographically and geographically targeted

    Comes in static and animated forms in a variety of sizes

    May also include flash and/or streaming audio/video

    Is used to generate targeted sales and leads and/or build brand awareness

When done correctly online advertising campaigns can have extensive reach and powerful connections with target markets.

3 Reasons Why You Should To Allow Advertising On Your Site

1. A clean design with relevant banner ads makes your website more credible.

Every website has a purpose.  No matter if the goal is sell a product, promote a service, provide content or build up registrations, if a user does not deem a website  credible it will not achieve its goals.  Numerous studies suggest that almost 50% of potential web conversations are lost on websites that fail to build credibility with  visitors. In addition to a professional look, proper functionality, and relevant information, a joint study by Harvard and UC Berkley reports that websites with professionally designed, relevant advertisements will be deemed legitimate, credible and trustworthy by its visitors.


2. Increase the use experience.

Your website visitors are willing to read ads if they are looking for something and the ad helps them reach their goal.  Ads are desirable if helps a user in some way - choose the right product, stay in touch with something or introduced to something new.  The key is to integrate best practices through targeting, transparency, and creative quality.  Online advertising positively affects the user experience and works best for advertisers and host websites when ads clearly:

Indicate what will happen when a user clicks on them

Relates to the host site and to what users are doing online

Identify themselves as advertisements

Presents information about what is being advertising, and additional

   information without having to leave the page

3. Revenue, revenue and more revenue.

With over 70% of the US population online, and over 90% using the web to shop and gain information on products and services, advertisers must implement strategies to connect with these potential customers.   Studies suggest that while search engines are used, 95% of time spent on the web are on actual websites.   In order to connect with the potential customers Marketers must utilize online advertising in their strategies.  This is fantastic news for websites as online advertising is anticipated to increase 14.4% across all industries in 2009.


Why You Should Partner With VerticalReach

Maximizing profits by allowing online advertising on your website requires not only access to the best quality advertisers, but also expertise, a multi-level website monetization strategy and knowledge of online advertising best practices.  VerticalReach is a leading provider of online marketing solutions, strategy and services, connecting brand name advertisers with best quality websites everyday. 


Our goal is to partner with website owners to develop strategies to help create and maintain very valuable media space that numerous high-end advertisers will want to integrate into their marketing plans.  Once it is determined that your website is ready to go to market, our sales team will promote it actively to both current and prospective advertisers.


MULTI-LEVEL MONETIZATION - so your website never stops making money!

Over 500 Advertisers & Growing...

• Online Advertising: Over 1 billion impressions sold monthly

• Email Newsletter Sponsorships: Over 40 million emails sent monthly

• Lead Generation: Over 40,000 leads delivered per month

• Dedicated Opt-in Email Universe: Over 25 million emails sent monthly

Direct Mail: Over 10,000 direct mail pieces delivered monthly

Banners & Buttons

468 x 60 IMU - (Full Banner)

120 x 240 IMU - (Vertical Banner)

88 x 31 IMU - (Micro Bar)


336 x 280 IMU - (Large Rectangle)

Skyscrapers: 120 x 600 IMU - (Skyscraper)


292 x 18 IMU - (Textlink)

Sponsor Modules

180 x 20 IMU - (Textlink)

Sponsorship Packages

468 x 60, 180 x 20, 120 x 600 OR 120 x 240, and 336 x 280 (as size permits) linked ad unit that appear simultaneously giving complete sponsorship of a page.












Lead Generation


List Management


Audience Profile