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The VerticalReach Difference


Our goal is to build comprehensive interactive
programs that connect advertisers' brands,
products and services with ideal target markets
no matter where they might be. 






Integrated Approach

At VerticalReach it’s not about promoting the value of a specific media outlet, nor is about placing your ads blindly all over the Internet. Rather our goal is to help clients connect with their targets through a comprehensive and transparent marketing program.


Combined with online advertising VerticalReach offers a slue of other solutions so a single message can be sustained across all tactics.


VerticalReach Stats: Over 150 Partners & Growing

    • Online Advertising
       Over 1 billion impressions available monthly

    • Email Newsletter Sponsorship
       Over 40 million emails sent monthly

    • Lead Generation
       Over 40,000 leads delivered per month

    • Dedicated Opt-in Email Universe

       Millions of emails available for targeted campaigns

    • Direct Mail Universe

       Millions of direct mail full records available across all verticals

Audience Targeting - Your Way

VerticalReach understands that target market definition is essential to the success of any marketing program. Defining the target market requires market segmentation, the process of pulling apart the entire market as a whole and identifying the specific units that are most likely to connect with the brand, product, or messaging.


The next step is to align media tactics and placement with the defined target markets. When developing this strategy VerticalReach considers demographic and geographic information, time of day targeting methods, the product or service being promoted, the creative type, and the overall creative message strategy or unique selling proposition.


Campaigns deployed by VerticalReach deliver more than just click-throughs: they yield a wealth of data that advertisers can use to target campaigns more precisely and gain a deeper understanding of their customers for future programs.

Commitment to Transparency

For more than a decade, Zacks has provided advertisers with exceptional opportunities to capture the attention of passionate consumers. There are two keys to our success:

1. A network of quality-tested partners that reach tens of millions
    of potential consumers.

2. A long-standing commitment to maintain complete transparency.
VerticalReach is truly a transparent network with transparent reporting.
    Advertisers see exactly which sites are running their ads and how
    each site is performing. This transparent approach transcends to
    all available media within the
VerticalReach portfolio.

Customer Service

VerticalReach understands that it is all about the customer and as such you will have a dedicated team working on your advertising initiatives:

Sales Executive:
Manages your relationship and assures your advertising objectives are reached

Account Manager: Your internal contact and manager of day-to-day operations involved with your advertising

Subject Matter Experts: Manages delivery of your program and technology

Business Development: Manages the relationships with the media outlets. Continuously seeks out new media to enhance the success of your advertising program. Negotiates the best possible pricing on your behalf


Strategy Development

The Discovery Process

• Product/Service
   What is the product/service being promoted?

• Uniqueness
   What is the unique aspect of such product/service?
   What is the unique selling proposition?

• Markets
   Who is the target market?
   Who is the secondary market?
   Who is the tertiary target market?

• Creative Message Strategy
   What is the creative message strategy to communicate uniqueness of the
   products services, and connect them to the target markets?

• Advertising
   What advertising methods have been used?
   What has worked?
   What has not? Why?

Strategy Implementation

The Recommendation Process

As a media planning firm, we work with advertisers to build comprehensive interactive marketing programs designed to connect brands, products/services with ideal targets, no matter where they might be. Once the discovery process is complete, the dedicated account team will develop and present an interactive program designed to achieve the campaign objectives. Combined with online advertising VerticalReach offers a slue of other solutions including lead generation, email blasts, newsletter sponsorships, and direct mail.

As the account team builds and maintains advertising programs, on occasion an ideal media outlet that is not part of the current VerticalReach network might present itself. If it is an ideal match, VerticalReach will do all it can to add them to the network or work as media buying firm on the client’s behalf. Our business development team will handle all negotiations with new outlets to assure advertisers the best price an optimal success.



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