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The VerticalReach Difference


Through a consultative discovery and
recommendation approach, our goal is to help
website owners create multiple revenue opportunities
by efficiently monetizing their website to develop a
complete catalog of valuable media





Multi-Level Monetization

At VerticalReach it’s not just about online media space. In addition to banner ads and text links, VerticalReach advertisers want and need so much more from network partners. This need creates significant revenue opportunities for publishers.


Unlike most networks that provide publishers with only one revenue building option, VerticalReach develops multi-level strategies to completely monetize a website with multiple revenue building tactics.


The goal is to have an organic strategy so a website never stops making money.

    • Online Advertising
      Over 1 billion impressions sold monthly

    • Email Newsletter Sponsorships

      Over 40 million emails sent monthly

    • Lead Generation
      Over 40,000 leads delivered per month

    • Dedicated Opt-in Email Universe
      Over 25 million emails sent monthly

    • Direct Mail
      Over 10,000 direct mail pieces delivered monthy

Established Relationships with Advertisers

Over 500 Advertisers & Growing...

Zacks has been providing successful interactive advertising solutions for brands in the financial, high-end consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel, and automotive industries for over a decade.


As a transparent and customer-centric network, advertisers trust the recommendations of their VerticalReach account team, and believe in the value of the VerticalReach network partners.


Due to the competitive nature of interactive advertising, fresh media is extremely desirable. Numerous clients are looking to test publishers as soon as they join VerticalReach.


This creates immediate revenue opportunities for new partners.

Proactive Sales Team

VerticalReach has dedicated sales and account teams that are focused on specific industries and are experts in interactive marketing.


VerticalReach has the flexibly to either be an extension of a publisher's current sales efforts, or work as the primary sales team.


The VerticalReach sales team is a dedicated and aggressive group that is constantly seeking out new advertisers and growth opportunities within current clients. The goal of the sales team is build effective programs for clients by utilizing all available inventory and media.


Customer Service

VerticalReach understands that it is all about the partners and as such, each partner will have a dedicated team working on monetization strategies:

    Sales Executive: Manages relationships with advertisers and promotes new partners and their media.

    Account Manager:
    The internal contact for advertisers. They work directly with partners to place orders for specific media.

    Subject Matter Experts:
    Manages delivery of advertising for clients and monetization performance for partners.

    Business Development:
    Manages the relationships with the partners. Continuously seeks out new media opportunities with current partners and prospects to enhance the success of advertising programs. Works directly with partners on the monetization of their website.

    Fully Transparent:
    Partners have control on which advertisers are placed on their site and use their media


    Human Review and Optimization: Hey...we don’t fully trust computers either! We understand that successful monetization requires a human touch.

Beginning Monetization

Website owners and content publishers don’t have to limit themselves to a traditional business model to generate revenue. No matter if the goal of a website is to sell a product, promote a service, provide free content, or build a community there are additional inherent values within a website and the traffic it produces.


In addition to building successful interactive marketing programs for advertisings clients, VerticalReach also specializes in website monetization strategies for publishers. Website monetization is the process of converting existing and future website traffic into revenue.


While a minimal level of monetization can be achieved through various tactics such as placing ads on a website or affiliate marketing programs, VerticalReach takes a holistic approach, focusing on an integrated, multi-level monetization strategy.

VerticalReach assists publishers in utilizing the inherent value of their website and its traffic to develop a complete catalog of media that advertisers will want to use in their interactive programs.

Established Media

VerticalReach offers a level of partnership not seen from any other advertising network.


However, not every publisher will be able meet our partner criteria. We demand certain inventory, performance, and operational abilities from our partners in order to deliver the quality advertising campaigns our clients demand.


If you have an established website, email list and/or other form of media that you believe could benefit from our focus, expertise, and existing advertiser relationships, we would like to go through our on-boarding and testing process.

Improving Media

Have you already served ads on your website with minimal success? Have an email list that is underperforming or not selling?


Let our business development team audit your media to find ways to make it more valuable.


The answers may vary from how user info is collected, to non targeted ads, to even the need for a slight design adjustment on a website. Either way our business development team is trained in the latest tactics and best procedures to help publishers build more desirable interactive media.



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